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Season 6 - Episode 23 (Finction)

Ved and Cloe love story

(Another young couple were having fun also. It was the first time that Ved and Cloe made love. Camera slowly fades in from opening credits to show waves hitting the shore softly. The camera pans out show Cloe standing on the beach and letting the waves crash over her bare feet. A topless Ved walks onto the screen and wraps his arms around her waist and rests his head on her shoulder)
Ved: (Whispers) Are you happy?
Cloe: (Beams) The happiest...(Ved tilts his head gently before he places a tender kiss on her neck)
Ved: It could be this way forever
Cloe: you promise
Ved: (leans in even closer) would I lie to you
Cloe: …No!
(Cloe turns around in Ved’s arm’s and the couple meet in a hot kiss full of passion)
Cloe: I love you Ved…
(the image of Ved melts away in Cloe’s arms)
Cloe: (Panicking) Ved? Ved?
(Cloe turns back towards the sea to see, Ved’s broken body floating out to sea, Cloe gives out a loud scream which causes the image to break away and be replaced by Cloe sitting up in her bed. Breathing heavily Cloe wipes sweat off her forehead)
Cloe: (Whispers) Oh Ved

(Camera fades in from black to show Lex barricading the door to the bedroom, where Tai-san is pacing back and forth, her arms crossed across her chest defensively)Lex: Look, you can’t keep walking away from this?
Tai-san (raises an eyebrow): Can’t I?
Lex (shakes his head): For god’s sake Tai-san, we’re married… and you’re acting as if I’ve killed someone…
(Tai-san sighs and crosses and uncrosses her arms)
Lex: Oh, so now you’re not gonna say anything, huh?
(Tai-san remains silent)
Lex: God, sometimes I hate you!
Tai-san (voice breaks): And I hate you too!
(Lex looks a little stunned at the voice breaking; he isn’t use to Tai-san appearing vulnerable. Tai-san walks away, her back to Lex as she sits on the bed and breaks into sobs)
Lex (walks over to Tai-san): Are you crying?
Tai-san (nods): Of course!
(Lex kneels in front of Tai-san)
Lex: I never knew you could cry…
Tai-san: I’m not immune to things such as crying (wipes her eyes) …you hurt me Lex, after I trusted you again… you really hurt me!
Lex: I never meant it to be like that… I was, I was just so glad to be back with you, after the time apart and breaking through the walls you put up…
Tai-san: I had to be sure of your intentions Lex…
Lex: I know… deep down I know you were right… and I’m sorry…
Tai-san: I love you Lex…
Lex: And I love you too!
(He kisses her passionately)

Conrad: Go away… I’m busy…
(The door opens and West sticks his head around the corner)
Conrad: I said I was busy…
West: It’s important…
Conrad: I’m still busy…
West: It’s about Ebony…
(Conrad looks up at the mention of Ebony’s name and motions for West to come in)
Conrad: So…
West: So… I have some nice juicy information for you boss…
Conrad: Spill…
(West takes a deep breath)
West: So twice now… I’ve seen her, seen Ebony leaving the base…
Conrad: …and?
West: And… she was going to meet someone!
Conrad: Who?
(West shrugs as he makes himself at home)
West: No clue boss… just someone with a hooded cloak on, she seemed to know them… got mighty chummy if you get my drift… I figured you want to know…
(Conrad glares at West as he walks over to the guy picks him up and pins him against the wall)
Conrad: You think I have time for your games?
West: Games?
Conrad (yells): Bring me something when you have something to tell me!
West: …but!
Conrad: But… nothing!
[Conrad throws West out the door and slams it shut, glaring at the wall before the camera fades to black.]

(Lex, Bray and Amber are talking in one classroom of the school.)
Lex: So anyway, I was thinking about taking the militia out on a field exercise, like patrolling the streets.
Amber: (Shouting) What are you thick Lex? We can’t do that cause we’re not in control! It would be like storming up to the Krul’s base and knocking yelling “COME OUT AND GET US”!
(Bray and Lex just stare at Amber. She stares back at them with the same intensity.)
Lex: (smiling) Well she’s your woman
Bray: I don’t know what’s wrong with her. She’s been acting like that to me all the time lately.
Lex: It sounds like that time of the month
Bray: It could be. I think there’s something more though
Lex: Is Junior sick or something?
Bray: No. I wish she’d talk to me.
Lex: If it was important, she’d tell you. But you gotta remember mate. You didn’t want to talk to her when Moon died. I’m just saying is all.
Bray: I guess so.

Cloe: Oh thank god it’s just you Lottie?
Lottie: (Frowns) avoiding someone…or should I say Crow?
Cloe: I can’t stay here anymore Lottie, everything is just too real now?
(Lottie’s moves into the tent and sits herself next to Cloe’s bag)
Lottie: So you’re going to run away?
Cloe: (shakes her head) No I’m going back to my real tribe, the one I was running away from to start with?
Lottie: (looks up at Cloe) You planning to go without saying goodbye?
Cloe: (Tosses a top into the bag) That is the plan
(Lottie jumps up and moves back towards the door)
Lottie: (Smiles) I’m coming with you!
(Cloe stops in what she is doing and turns around to face Lottie with a raised eyebrow)
Cloe: You can’t leave
Lottie: I’ll leave a note, it’s not like I’m not planning to come back again
Cloe: Only if you promise me, you will come back
Lottie: Ok, I promise. 

(Tai-san is walking through the hall way and spots Amber leaving her room.)
Tai-san: Amber wait!
Amber: (stops and slowly turns. In a monotone voice) Yes?
Tai-san: Do you feel it?

Salene: Feel what? Trouble? Are Brady and Bray Jr ok?
Amber: Yes their both fine Salene. I just put Junior down for a nap.
Tai-san: Sorry Salene, I was just sensing a change of aura. It has shifted throughout the entire mall.
Amber: (nervously) really?
Salene: Is it a good aura Tai-san? Like something wonderful is about to happen. Maybe a new addition?

Tai-san: (Looking at Amber) Something like that
Salene: Oh how wonderful! I’ve got to go and tell May.

Tai-san: Well Amber, what do you think about the change of aura?
Amber: (lying) To be honest Tai-san, everything seems normal to me.
Tai-san: Maybe I should meditate on it more.
Amber: Yes that should help. Keep the tribe in balance.
Tai-san: You actually agree with me?
Amber: It wouldn’t hurt.

(Slade and Ruby are talking in the cafeteria. Slade is showing physical signs of weakness, with a pale face and his hands are slightly shaking.)
Slade: It’s been too long
Ruby: But it’s worth it.
Slade: Not yet. But it will be.
Ruby: Slade we’re all really proud of you. I’m really proud of you.
Slade: (looking deep into Ruby’s eyes) It’s just so hard. I don’t know if I can last.
Ruby: You’ve got to Slade! Please. It’s so important that you do.
Slade: I will. Only so I can tell Moon’s people.
Ruby: If that’s what keeps you going Slade. Then focus all your energy on it.

(Camera fades in from black to show Darryl and Trudy sitting in Trudy’s room together, with Brady playing by herself in the corner) Trudy: You and Axel? Well I never!
Darryl: (blushes) Me either…he’s so not my normal type
Trudy: Well it seems we’re both going out of our “normal type group”
Darryl: (Frowns) You mean…you and Eric?
Trudy: (Smiles) He’s all I can think of lately
Darryl: (Sighs) Aww it’s like love!
(Camera pans around and the two friends laugh. Camera zoom’s in on Brady who is looking up her mum and Darryl)
Brady: (sticks her tongue out) Love? Yuk!

Eric: You and me have business?
(A voice can be heard from off screen)
Voice: And what business would that be?
(Eric clenches his fists as the camera turns to show that the voice is in fact Jay)
Eric: You… and what you did to Trudy!
Jay: Ah, has the purple haired tart got you to deal with her mistakes!
Eric: You’re unbelievable; you don’t treat women that way…
Jay: Not even whores? That’s what she is… a cheap, nasty whore!
(Eric gets really mad, the veins in his arms start to bulge and his eyes become narrower)
(Eric lunges for Jay, his fists swinging wildly as he misses and hits the wall, cursing he tries again, just as Jay jumps out of the way. Eric then falls on the floor, but before he can move and lunge again, Jay picks him up and body slams the guy into the wall. Eric yells in pain as the camera pans to show the close up of the two men)
Jay: You’re a fool Eric… a fool!
(Jay slams Eric into the wall again, this time blood is spilt as Eric’s face squashes against the wall)
Eric: Ow…
Jay: Serves you right… moron…

May (whispers to herself): I’m sorry Sal… but I just can’t do it anymore…
(May is seen to be picking up some items as she throws them on the fire, they are baby clothes and toys, the one’s that have been seen in earlier episodes that Salene has collected]
May: We’re never going to have a child… and it’s time you faced it…
(May throws the rest of the things onto the fire)
May: …one way or another…

Trudy: (forcefully) You have to tell him!
Amber: I don’t know how to.
Trudy: Come on Amber! It’s killing him.

Trudy: I think he already knows. He’s seen the symptoms in both of us. You know he’d be over the moon.
Amber: Fine. I’ll tell him on one condition.
Trudy: What?
Amber: I choose when I tell him, and you need to be near the door when I tell him. That way if anything goes wrong…
Trudy: It won’t.

KC: Oi! Watch it!
Kaden: Oh sorry KC, Patsy.
Razor: What are you apologizing for?
Patsy: That’s alright Kaden, (turns gaze back to Kaden) just watch where you’re going next time.
Kaden: Sure.
Razor: Come on Kid. (Looking at Patsy and bowing) Milady
[Ryan turns his attention from the scene and finds Maya in her room]
Ryan: Maya I’m concerned about Kaden.
Maya: He can look after himself.
Ryan: I don’t think so. I think he’s gotten himself into trouble by befriending Razor.
Maya: (short) I’ll keep my eye on him ok?
Ryan: Alright. (Turning to leave) I’m sorry to have bothered you.
[Ryan leaves and continues to walk down the hall.]

Ruby: Geeze Ram you startled me!
Ram: (frustrated) Ruby I need to know!
Ruby: (sighing) Ram, I’m not ready to tell you yet.
Ram: (angry) It’s because of Slade. It’s always because of Slade!
Ruby: (matching anger) Don’t blame him! It’s not his fault. I’m just trying to be a good friend.
Ram: But you want to be more than good friends. You won’t be happy until you screw me over just to get to him!
Ruby: How dare you! (Walks up to Ram and slaps him on the face. Hard)
[Ram just stares back at her in silence. All of a sudden he bends down and kisses Ruby.]
[Ruby stares back at Ram. After 10 seconds of silence she slaps Ram again and runs out of the room.]
[Ram wipes a bit of blood from his lips after the slap and smiles. He knows she felt something.]

Amber: So… that’s washing done, next to dishes…
(Patsy glances at KC and nodes)
Patsy: Um, would you excuse me… call of nature!
Amber (nods); Sure…
Several minutes later…
KC: You know… I forgot that I’ve got to meet someone, got to get some supplies…
Tai-san: Ok KC… you go ahead…
(KC nods and leaves the room, as he rounds the corner, Patsy reaches out and grabs a hold of him, pulling him close she kisses him passionately)
Patsy: I thought you never escape…
KC: Me either, now let’s get out of here…
(KC and Patsy giggle as they head out of the school and into the yard, at odd times they stop for kisses and cuddles)
KC: Mmm, I love the way that you kiss…
Patsy: I love the way your hands feel on my skin…
(KC pulls Patsy around the corner of the playground as he pushes her up against a wall and their hands start to roam all over the place, things get pretty hot as the camera starts to steam up)
Patsy (whispers): I love you KC…
KC: I love you too Pats…
(Things get a little more intimate as the camera pans around to show a nearby flower growing, the sounds of Patsy and KC’s embrace can be heard off screen, when another voice is heard)
Lex (OV): Yo, Patsy, you out here?
Patsy: Oh shit… it’s Lex…
(The camera pans back around to show Patsy and KC rushing to smoothen their clothes before KC disappears around the corner)
Patsy: Yes Lex...
Lex: Oh there you are… we got a little worried…
Patsy (absentmindedly): You did? Why?
Lex: Because you said you were going to the toilet and never came back, that was 20 minutes ago…
Patsy: Oh…
Lex: Come on, that meeting is nearly done… thank god…

(There is a knock at the door, Ebony looks up but makes no move to open the door)
Ebony (bored): Come in…
(The door opens and one of the slave girls comes into the room, curtseys and looks to Ebony)
Ebony (impatiently): Well?
Girl 1: Excuse me for interrupting… but Sir has asked you speak with him…
Ebony (raises an eyebrow): Conrad wants me? Well he can come speak to me himself..
Girl 1: But he said that you must go to him… he said immediately…
Ebony: Immediately huh? Yeah right!
(Ebony goes back to her nails)
Ebony: You can leave now…
(The slave girl nods and exits the door promptly… Ebony looks at the now closed door a frown on her face)
Ebony: I wonder what he wants this time…
[Camera fades to black.]

Trudy (frowns): That looks like it’s painful…
Eric (grimaces): That’s because it is…
Trudy: Is it broken?
Eric (nods): I managed to get it back into shape but it still looks bad…
(There is an awkward moment of silence between Trudy and Eric)
Trudy: No one’s ever done that for me before…
Eric: What?
Trudy: Stood up for me like that… I really appreciate it…
Eric (sighs): So how would you feel if I asked you out?
Trudy (blushes): On like a date…
(Eric nods as he gets up and smiles, going to look at his nose in the mirror before turning to face Trudy)
Eric: Yeah… I really like you Trudy and I’d like the opportunity for us to do this thing properly…
Trudy (whispers): Yes…
(Eric carries on as if he hadn’t heard Trudy’s response)
Eric: I mean… all this fooling around all this time… and we still haven’t had our first date…
Trudy (a little louder): I said yes…
Eric: …and I think that we should, don’t you?
Trudy (yells): I said yes Eric… I said I’d go on a real date with you…
Eric: You did?
Trudy (laughs): Yes dummy… didn’t you hear me?
Eric: Nah, I guess I didn’t…

Cass: You know what. I’m going to be so glad to walk normally once this is “thing” is out of me.
Trudy: I remember feeling the same way. You’ll eventually wish you were still pregnant though.
Maya: I wish I could have a child but I guess that’s something I will never get to experience.
Trudy: Maya, you will. But if you keep talking like that you’re going to get everyone to believe you.
Maya: I guess that’s a positive
Cass: Hey people, trying to get a pregnant woman to her room here!
Trudy: Right. Come on Maya.

Cloe: (Over her shoulder) We wanna get back to the school before night falls just to be on the safe side
Lottie: (Calls back) That’s in a couple of hours…
Cloe: (Nods) I know…we gotta get a move on!
(Lottie suddenly stops in her tracks and all colour wash’s from her)
Lottie: (To herself) Oh my god…I’m actually going back….Ruby…Slade…Ram…Sammy…OH my god…Sammy!
(Cloe turns around to face Lottie and raises an eyebrow)
Cloe: You alright hun?
(Camera zooms in on Lottie and she gives Cloe a small smile)
Lottie: Yea I’m just super…
(Cloe closes the distance between them and places a hand on her shoulder)
Cloe: (Smiles) I’m proud of you….and so will the rest of the Mallrats be…Sammy will be very proud of you
Lottie: (swats at Cloe’s hand) Shut up!
(The girls link arms and carry on walking towards the school)
Cloe: (Mutters) You sooo can not wait to see him
Lottie: (Grins) I said Shut up!
(Cloe falls silence and Lottie gives her a smile)
Lottie: No one will blame you
Cloe: (Smiles) I know…
[Camera pans around to show their backs before fading to black]

Jay: So what is this? The Spanish inquisition?
(There is silence from the members of the tribe as Bray and Amber look at each other)
Jay: Oh, so this is the Bray and Amber show is it?
Bray: No Jay… this is about you and your behaviour towards other members of the tribe…
Jay: Great… who’s the snitch…
Bray: No one snitched, we’ve all noticed the way you were with Slade when Moon died, and you’ve treated some of the women badly…
(At the mention of the word women, Trudy looks at the floor as Eric squeezes her hand)
Jay (whispers): Whores!
Lex: Did you say something mate?
Jay: Nothing that involves you… wimp…
(Lex is not amused, he stands up and is ready to charge but Tai-san holds him back)
Tai-san: You can’t help him Lex… Jay is on a self destructive path… only he can sort out his karmic energy flow…
Jay: Oh so now I’m a karmic mess… lucky me…
(Bray sighs as he stands up)
Bray: The reason you’re here Jay is because the tribe has come together to make a decision about your fate…
Jay (challenging): My fate?
Bray: Yes Jay… all those in favor of Jay leaving should raise their hands now…
(Bray raises his hand and it is soon followed by all of the tribe members, with Slade, Trudy and Lex raising their hands promptly… Amber shakes her head in Jay’s direction when she raisers her hand)
Bray: It’s unanimous… for the first time in the history of the Mallrats we hereby banish you from the tribe Jay… you are never to return, you are no longer one of us…
(Jay jumps up and cuts Bray off, he is angry and his eyes narrow)
Jay: I can’t believe you f**king idiots, you have a war on your hands and you throw me out in favour of pretty boy… I hope you all bloody die…
(Jay picks up the vodka bottle he is holding and the chair before throwing the chair in Bray’s direction and turning his back on the tribe)
Jay: You’re all gonna pay…
(The camera moves back around to show the rest of the tribe sitting down, some of them are in shock as Bray gets up off the floor and goes to nurse his bruised arm from where the chair has hit him. Lex stands up and raises a finger to the blonde haired guy mumbling something incoherent under his breath)
(Suddenly out of no where there is a smash and an explosion in the café as a fireball spreads into half of the café, screams ensue as the Mallrats try to dodge the fireball from the Molotov Cocktail that Jay had just thrown)
(Camera pans back around to show Jay)
Jay: Adios… morons!

[The camera pans around the school café to show some of the Mallrats moving broken chairs and tables away while other are sweeping up the wreckage. The camera pans around to show the door being pushed open and Lottie and Cloe taking in the sight]
Cloe: What happened?
(Patsy is the first one to react, she drops her broom and runs across the room into her friends arms)
Patsy: Cloe your back…and Lottie!
(Ruby soon follows and she pulls Lottie into a tight embrace)
Ruby: It’s good to see you again sweetheart…and you look so good
Cloe: (Looks around) So what happened?
Patsy: Jay went a bit over the top when we kind of kicked him out of the tribe?
Cloe: (raises an eyebrow) What he’s gone?
(Patsy nods)
Cloe: I need to find him
Lex: Why?
(Cloe looks around at her friends as tears roll down her cheeks)
Cloe: It’s Ved…he’s dead!